Killing Rats with Salt - Do Rats Eat Salt?

Rats are possible carrier of at least 20 types of zoonotic diseases. Due to this fact, people are always looking for a better way to get rid of them. Setting up the trap requires some proficiency and expertise. Using lethal means such as firearms are prohibited. Poisoning will expose your loved ones to the same level of dangers. Recently, there are some people who posted their video online claiming that it is possible to kill Florida rats by the use of natural ingredients such as salt.

Can Salt Kill Rats?
Unfortunately, there are no studies that can support their claim. It has not yet been proven that using salt as a poison can be effective against Boca Raton rats. In fact, salt is a known attractants to the rats. According to the video, humans, and other animals do not have the ability to live on salt water. In order to take advantage of this, you will have to add a considerable amount of salt in the water. In case the rat can’t find any source of water, then they will choose to drink it that will eventually kill them.

Is it Possible?
Drinking saltwater has the capacity to kill even humans from dehydration. This is due to the fact that their body is not designed to process too much salt. The kidney can only release liquid that is less salty compared to the salt water. Too much salt will indeed result to salt poisoning. Sodium can nourish the health of the rat but once it’s too much it can be a possible cause of their death. If there is excessive amount of salt in the body, the water will be released by the cells in order to dilute the salt. This process can damage the cells; it can possibly be detrimental to the nervous health of the rat. Once the fluid accumulated in the brains, this may lead to seizure.

However, the rats will be required to ingest a substantial amount of salt water in order to experience an inescapable death. In addition placement of this trap will be a challenge. Remember that rats are cautious creatures and they will always have their guard up on new things in their environment. This is why it is difficult to trap them and some people will have to perform baiting before successfully trapping them. In addition, the Boca Raton rats have a keen sense of smell and they have the capacity to determine if a food is dangerous for their health.

Since salt will be readily available in our kitchen, there is absolutely no harm in trying this method. However, you will have to replace the container in a regular basis. There are types of mosquitoes that can thrive in this type of water. We all know that mosquitoes can carry deadly diseases. If you want a more potent solution for your problem, hiring the service of the animal control agency will be the more preferred method. They have the right strategy to determine the root cause of your issue and administer the proper solution.

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