Is it Against the Law to Kill a Bat?

Despite of the way that they’ve been depicted by the media, bats are actually beneficial to our ecosystem. Bats have an insatiable hunger and can devour insects that are at least 1/3 of its total weight. In fact, one bat can eat 3,000 mosquitoes in just a single night. There are also species of bats that are an excellent pollinator. While there are instances that they can be a nuisance creature, it is still recommended to bat-proof your house rather than killing them.

Status and Regulation on Florida Bats
Based on the 1973 Act on Endangered Species, there are at least 6 Boca Raton bats species that are protected under the law. This includes the gray bat and the Indiana Bat. In addition, the existing law is not just protecting these species but also their natural habitat. Bats will normally choose mines and caves as their roosting ground and these places are safeguarded by the law. Killing of the ‘species-of-concern’ and the endangered species are not allowed in any given circumstances. Depending on where you live and the current bat population, this regulation may vary.

International laws are also protecting the bats. All types of bats regardless if they are endangered should be safeguarded at all times in the United Kingdom. It is unlawful to capture, possess, or kill bats under any given situation. Similar with our laws, the habitats are also preserved. Those who have been proven to violate this regulation will be subjected to 6-months imprisonment and fines.

State Regulations
Most states have enacted a law that protects all variants of bats and their habitat. This includes Maryland, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. There are also other states that prohibit the capturing and killing of the bats that are listed on the federal species such as Florida and Connecticut. Colorado and California also have existing laws which is related to public health and bats. In Illinois, it is reported that the Boca Raton bats are the prime carrier of the rabies virus despite of the low number of occurrences. Bat waste or also known as Guano is also a source of health concern. There are states such as Rhode Island and Nevada who do not have regulation or law with regards to the bats. Nonetheless, they still need to abide to the existing federal laws.

Other Related Regulations
In relation to the professional wildlife removal agency, most of the states will require them to carry the necessary license and permits. In addition, they are only allowed to take action on particular species and if the population is a source of health hazards to humans. Even those wildlife rehabilitators who are taking the injured animals should carry the necessary permit.

So before you consider shooting the bat that is roosting in your house, be sure to familiarize yourself on the current laws and regulations that are protecting these species. In most situations, bats are relatively harmless especially if their population is still within your control. However, if you have a large colony of bats in your property, seek the help of the professional bat removal company.

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