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We are Boca Raton Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Boca Raton, Fl. Having a wild animal that is loose in your home can be a stressful time, so we pride ourselves on being a helpful and informative first point of contact to discuss your animal problem. Our team are happy to give you basic advice if you are having problems with smaller animals, or can give you a quote on a professional service to remove the animal whether it is large or small. Also, if you are starting to smell an odor similar to that of a dead animal, then we can also deal with the removal of dead animals cleanly and professionally. Our team of dedicated professionals are experts in removing animals from roof cavities and attics, as this is one of the most common areas of the home to find pest animals. Whether it is rodents, bats, raccoons or birds in the attic, we use the latest techniques and equipment to remove the animal from your home and to carry out repairs so that they won’t be able to return. We also offer a full cleaning service so that once the animals have been removed, your property can be cleaned and disinfected to ensure that no disease can be passed to you or your family. Call us now at 561-287-6783 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Boca Raton Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Getting Rid of Rats with Peppermint Oil

Since the world has experienced the devastation that the rat can deliver to mankind, the hunt for the best solution for rat infestation has persists for ages. Some of the most common method that people use to get rid of this nuisance creature includes glue boards, poison, and traps. However, some people believe that there are home ingredients that you can use to deter the activity of the Florida rats. This includes peppermint oil.

How to Use Peppermint Oil in Getting Rid of the Boca Raton Rats
Peppermint is an eco-friendly way to deal with your pest infestation problem. It can repel the rat from invading your farm, garage, attic, and basement. However, just like any homemade solutions, there are also downsides in using this method.

The Problem in Using Peppermint Oil
The formula and the instructions of using peppermint oil against the rat infestation are pretty vague. It does not specifically specify the exact amount of peppermint oil that you can use to eliminate the Boca Raton rats. You also do not know on how often you need to change it in order to increase the success of repelling the rat. Accidentally spilling this ingredient can result to a considerable amount of mess. Sometimes, using this ingredient comes with adverse effect so you might want to keep away your pets and kids from it. Although there are people who claimed that using peppermint oil helped them resolve their rat problem, there are no studies that can support this claim. Furthermore, most of the existing results are relatively inconclusive.

When you choose to utilize peppermint oil to deal with your rat issue, you will be required to pour a generous amount of this substance in a cotton ball. You will then have to place them in the key areas around your house. There are some who believe that the strong scent of the peppermint oil can deter rat activity. However, the scent will dissipate rapidly so you will have to replace the cotton balls at least 2 times per week which can be a hassle. Aside from the multiple reapplications, the rat can also retrieve the cotton balls and use it as their nesting material.

Better Alternative
Using live traps is still the better option to solve your problem. There are different types of traps that are available today. Look for the one that is best depending on your situation and the severity of the rat infestation. Compared to other lethal methods such as poisoning, it does not have any negative effect on your health. After you get rid of the rat in your house, seal the holes that the rats are using as entry points. You can also adopt a dog or a cat that will chase the rats away.

If you find it too complex to set-up a trap, the professionals can provide you with the necessary assistance. With their extensive knowledge in the business, they can give you essential advices that will help you prevent pest infestation.